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Tonight is the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince release party. EEK! Scared, so scared. Well, at least I told them that I was not available for working the all night shift this time around. I've been crashing at about one lately so I couldn't possibly work till three in the a.m. or whenever they are going to get out of there. I'm dressing up in my newest Rein Faire garb (which really isn't at all period, but is so very pretty) and am going to wear a witch hat in an attempt to keep myself from being made to wear a Harry Potter #6 baseball cap. Baseball caps really don't work with my look. ^_^
I reserved a copy, but I can wait till tomorrow to pick it up, I'm still reading the last (presently) of the Amelia Peabody mysteries anyway.
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Sigh...I really need to find a new job. I just found out yesterday that my friend/manager, Alta is going to be leaving this weekend to run her own store for Borders and my other friend/manager, Patty is going to be leaving after Harry Potter to move down to S.CA. I've known for a while that I needed to find a new job, this is just another sign that I should work harder toward that. I'm just so burnt out on the present job that I can't work up any enthusiasm about looking for a new one. Teaching for OFK this summer will definitely be a step in the right direction.
I'm glad I'm off today.

An Update!

Dec. 1st, 2004 04:11 pm
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Computer at home still no work-ie. Pout. So here I am in the library at Ohlone getting a bit of an internet fix before heading home. We had another power outage in Fremont yesterday for a little over an hour. Not a lot going on, trying to get work done on my final project for my Critical Thinking course, we're having a Focus Group on Friday before I have to go to work. I need to try calling my assistant manager, Kim to tell her that I can't work my regular shift on Friday the tenth, I think it would be bad to not be there for the final. Mr. Peeters was ever so kind and made our Group Presentation project our Final.
With any luck my home computer will be up and running soon. There seems to be some debate about what is actually wrong with it- Heather's roommate's boyfriend originally thought it was the hard-drive, but after describing the problem to my friend, Kyla her boyfriend thinks it sounds like the real problem is the motherboard. Sigh. Don't know, we shall see.
I've gotten a bit of my Xmas shopping done, not nearly as much as I would like though. I was much further along by this point last year. I think I'm probably doing a large portion of that shopping at B&N again, y'know, discount and all. I love my discount. Esp. since the company is trying to show they appreciate us employees by giving us an additional 10 % discount from the 3-12. Employee Appreciation Days. Yeah, appreciate encouraging us to spend more money there, but hey I won't knock it. I was probably going to buy most of my stuff there anyway so I don't mind saving more. =) Saving money is good.
Things are more or less okay, saw several friends recently. My friend, Brisa and her boyfriend/significant other/whatever you want to call it cause boyfriend sounds somewhat juvenile, Scott stopped by my store on Friday. We hadn't seen each other in months and then my mother and I saw her at Red Robin on Monday. When she was our server at Red Robin she confirmed what Scott had told me- she's about a month pregnant. Their baby is going to be soooo beautiful! My cousin, Sean (who got married this summer) and his new wife, Megan just announced that they're about a month pregnant as well. My grandparents are going to be great-grandparents at last! I'm sure my Grandfather will have a grand time reminding us of that. I'm not sure whether this will make me feel less like I have to hurry up and provide them with great-grandchildren or more so.
My friend, Kyla stopped by the store on Sunday and I visited with her for a bit while I was supposed to be doing reading from the "bookseller learning library" at work. Oh well, it wasn't very informative for someone who has been there over five years anyway. It was an entire manual on hints on where/how to look for different subjects and sections in my store. I sort of skimmed it and told Kim I had read it. Well, she was only asking that I skim it anyway and I did that, more or less.
I hope everyone is doing well. Take care!
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I was running so late today for getting to work. I don't know what my problem is lately that I can't get out the door at a reasonable time. Symptom of not being satisfied with my job? I feel like I'm getting pretty blase' about some things- They're not going to fire me for this so oh well. Bad, bad, bad. Need to work on that.
Still pondering buying my friend's car. I just wish I was having more luck finding info on it on-line.
Ack! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving! I haven't discussed plans with James yet. I brought it up about a week or so ago, but I didn't know then what my family was going to be doing. Apparently the family is meeting in Sunol this year at my Great-Aunt's place; I had been suggesting that I could try to stop by and stay for at least a bit at James' for Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure how we'll coordinate this. It had always been complicated enough with my folks debating back and forth where we were going to be for the holidays, but now I've got to try to add my fiance's family into the mix. My Dad's side of the family meet every year up in Sunol at my Great-Aunt's house, but there has always been the debate from my Mom's side of the family (namely Grammie) that the Furlong side of the family (that lives in CA) is much smaller so we should be with them. I'm hoping we'll succeed in getting her to come with us this time. My Uncle Jeffrey doesn't care about Thanksgiving, he would much rather just stay home with the dog. (rolls eyes) Must try to figure something out with James. I don't want his family thinking that I don't like them.
I started reading the most recent Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel, "Incubus Dreams" yesterday. I think it's really at the point now that I'm only continuing to read them because I like the main character so much. I don't know...they've just degenerated into tales about her sordid, complicated love life. I was really much more interested in them when there were nasty supernatural beings out to get her. That is still part of it, but in the last couple of novels that seems to really have become a side plot, while her sex life has become the primary focus. I feel like yelling at her to go kill something!
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Worked today, was fairly busy due to the holiday. Spent about an hour and a half at work playing this Barnes& Noble Learning Board Game. Ehhh, it was okay I suppose. It was more interesting than the training videos that try too hard to be funny and end up just insulting your intelligence. Dragon stopped by for a bit during my dinner break. James picked me up after work and is currently playing "Ratchet and Clank III" that he rented, it just came out and he had to give it a whack. He brought over three new DVDs of Eddie Izzard....OOooo...
James had told me, in error, that season one of the TV series, "Hunter" was available out on DVD already, but when he called yesterday he told me he had been mistaken. Drat, I had been planning on buying that as a Christmas gift for Dad. That sucked, however I just cross-referenced this evening on,, and that it will be available January 11, 2005. That's cool, that way I can buy it for Dad's birthday on the 29th. Now I just have to come up with something else to get him for Xmas. Hmmm...
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James' hurdy-gurdy arrived the other day! Woo-Hoo! I can give it to him when he gets back from Las Vegas. I'm soooo glad we are no longer waiting on anything arriving. The hurdy-gurdy was resolved, James finally got his kilt, the jedi cloaks arrived in time. Everything seemed to be having problems getting here. Now I won't have to rain angry pillaging vengeance down on them....unless I feel like it.
Been working on this massive music CD shipment at work the last few days and I'm going to have to try to finish it tomorrow. I had to take the project over from Jacquie and she does everything so chaotically! It drives me crazy...I can never tell where she is on a project. I can't believe how much music we have right now, we have more in than we have room to display. I'm thinking about making a list to keep behind the counter to show customers when they ask about our music selection- which is absurd since I would have to do that sort of thing at home on my own time more than likely.
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My coworker, Chris Fox swears that we won't be having another holiday meeting, although apparently they want us to have monthly loss prevention meetings till our shrink rate improves. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
James dropped me off early at work, he's leaving Friday for Las Vegas for his older brother's fortieth birthday. He was really looking forward to seeing the Blue Man Group and to going to the Star Trek experience.
I wandered around the Hub for about two hours before going to work; had lunch over at Chili's.
Rather quiet, uneventful work shift. I put together a window display for a Mercury newspaper charity drive that we're sponsoring. We have a bin by the registers for people to donate books for children. I had to tell a young girl not to turn it over on its side. I think she wanted to crawl in. ;) Silly girl. I'm going to have to donate some books to that.
Saw my friend, Chris Maxwell for a while after work.
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Kim managed to pull through and schedule me for 11-6:30 on Saturday the 30th. =) Yay!
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Hmmm...this horoscope is a lot better than the one in my newspaper. Yeah, I read my horoscope. Hey it's right on the page with comics and the "on this day in history" feature. I had recently suggested that I wanted to start writing it for them, they were too boring. They needed something like "Today you will be bitten by a lemur."

Nothing even remotely redeeming to say about my work day. I didn't have anyone go crazy on me, everyone was relatively pleasant or didn't speak to me at all. I really don't appreciate it when folks ignore me, but I suppose I prefer that to screaming. Actually I know I prefer that to screaming. Need new job. Need better job.

I get to see James tomorrow! Yay! I can't believe it has been about a week since I really got to spend any time with him. Dropping by his store briefly with Dragon doesn't count nor does popping my head in while he was on a conference call.
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Soooo thirsty! I've been thirsty all day! What's the deal?
Okay, I can't even begin to fathom how this is possible, but it seems that every day I go in to work some new policy has been implemented that makes my job crappier and crappier. Solution? Obviously I should stop showing up for work! (Excuse me, I would like to just be paid from now on please.)
Yesterday (Thursday September 16th) was my sister's twenty-third Birthday. Whoa. Weird, my little sister is 23. I got a call on my last break at work from Heather asking what time I got off and whether I wanted to go to Original Joe's in San Jose after work. Yay! Desserts! It has been about a year since I was there last since my parents took James and I there right after picking us up at the San Jose airport after we got back from Ireland. So I got to see my sister and go out for a nice late night cup of tea and dessert with her and my parents after work.
Other than that my day was relatively uneventful, wandered around the Hub before work, had some guy hooting and hollering at me from his car while I was walking along the sidewalk surrounding the Hub parking lot. (How thrilling.) I also wandered through the Spirit Halloween store that has a location at the Hub again this year. Yay! Halloween! I love looking around Halloween stores, I saw several wigs I was interested in. Must make another trip in there with James soon so we can "stock up." =D
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The day started off well enough, getting ready for Dad to come home on his lunch break so I could get a lift to our mutual work area, but Dragon called and offered to give me a ride to work and that way she could come over and visit for a bit. She got to watch me repeatedly run Jean out of the kitchen. Ever since Jean has needed to have a plate of food specially fixed for her she is constantly going into the kitchen, she always used to be so good about that.

Grousing about work )
Thankfully I'm off today (Monday) and will get to see James at some point. Yay! I wish the weather would have been a little cooler, more Bay Area like to welcome him home with, but hopefully it will start cooling off pretty soon. I can't stand this heat.
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Kim changed the schedule so I have Monday and Wednesday off this week instead of Monday and Saturday so I will get to spend time with James on his birthday. That's a relief, but I would sort of have preferred finding someone else to work for me and then I could have kept Saturday as a day off. Oh well, I wouldn't have had any real guarantee that someone would take my shift from me, I suppose. Now I just need to decide whether to cook a dinner for him or to treat him to dinner at Papillon. We haven't been there in a long time. I'm already planning on cooking him dinner on Monday when I see him after he gets home from the airport. Perhaps I'll just ask him which he would prefer, that way I can find out if he wanted to include his twin in the birthday plans.


Aug. 29th, 2004 11:51 am
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How odd. I don't work today. I just called the store and Kim told me that I'm not on the schedule for today, but I'm on tomorrow. I had to tell her that I wouldn't be able to be there till five since my original class time was canceled and I had to add in to a class that meets Monday and Wednesday from two-thirty till three-forty five. She was fine with me coming in at five tomorrow and Wednesday of this week, but it looks like I need to try to find someone to cover me on Wednesday of next week. Sigh. It's going to suck having to take Monday and Wedneday as my days off, that will probably just about guarantee that James and I won't have any days off together for a while and even if he did happen to be off I wouldn't be available till the evening. Phooey. Ah well...C'est la vie, I needed the class so what else could I do? James and I will have vacation time together at the end of September. I need to think of some things for us to do. I know we'll be going to the Renaissance Faire in Casa De Fruita at the beginning of the week, but I could use some suggestions for other things for us to do to get out of the house. Any ideas? My Mom has advised me to not get my wisdom teeth done during my vacation and that she would be able to take care of me if I did it in October. I will have to talk with both of them to find out how early in October she would be available, if it would be early in the month I might go with that, but I don't want to push it till the end of the month. We'll see. It was never my intention to let it go this long, but I needed to wait for a time that James would be available to help me out since Mom had to use all her vacation time and sick time on her gallbladder surgery. Even if I do end up getting my surgery done at the end of September I would probably still like a few suggestions for some places to go.
Hopefully my sore throat will feel better by tomorrow.
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I took French my Junior year in high school and have never ever made serious use of it outside of a classroom setting. I might say, "Oui." or "Moi?" every now and again, but that's about the extent of it. I year of Conversational French doesn't amount to a lot of conversational ability. So, aside from the odd term thrown in here and there I hadn't used it in about ten years, but then Thursday night Jemstone started IM-ing me in french. He really had me scrambling and I had to use a french dictionary for a few things, but apparently I needed the warm-up. This (Friday) afternoon at Barnes& Noble a man walked over to my register and began speaking to me in French. I was surprised by how much I could actually understand him! I was able to take him to the travel section and find a San Fransisco photo essay book and then when he came back to me to be rung up I was able to confirm the price for him. Tres Etrange. I guess it was a good thing that Jemstone made me practice a little. Bonne Nuit, tres somnolent.

4th of July

Jul. 5th, 2004 01:38 pm
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I can't recall the last time I've had to work on the fourth of July, it's been a few years at least. Despite the fact that nine still seemed an awfully late hour for closing for a holiday, I did appreciate not having to be there till eleven-thirty. It was a nice change of pace. The store was incredibly slow yesterday. I think we should have closed even earlier. It would have upset the people who come to use us as a library, but ah well, c'est la vie.
After I got out of there James picked me up and we decided to head over and see if anyone was still around at mikesama and monkeysminion's house. We missed the fireworks, but we did get to see lianleviathan, azurdragon, and Jennifer M. Dragons aside it has been a long time since I saw any of them so that was very nice. While driving through Newark James and I did get to see a few fireworks.
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Today is my day off so I called to talk to David about what happened last night and he told me that he had been planning on calling me. He said that he is going to alert the managers of the situation and tell them that if the guy comes in they need to speak to him. He needs to be told that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated and that if he does anything that could be construed as sexually harassing me again that not only will they call security, but the Fremont Police Dept. as well and he will be escorted out and banned from our store.


Jun. 7th, 2004 01:16 am
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I told my boss today about my "stalker problem" and he was not pleased at all and agreed that the man's behavior was completely unacceptable and told me that should that guy come in again that he wanted to me to call him up and he would handle him. So, of course the guy doesn't show up! The night that I decide to try to take care of the problem and alert my manager so that he can help me handle it since this guy isn't getting the message he doesn't show. Hmph. Can't even expect consistency from stalkers anymore, what is the world coming to?
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I don't think I could categorize Monday as a good day or a bad day, it was sort of a middle ground day all told. Ooo! One thing that tipped the Good Day side of the scale is that Mereru is back working at my store again! Yay! Didn't get to see her for very long though or else Monday would definitely fall under the good day classification.
Ahhh...I'm very happy that I'm off today and Thursday and Friday. I have no idea whatsoever whether this will be the norm or if I'm getting an additional day off due to Memorial Day or what. At the moment I don't care, I'm just glad I'll have two days off in a row. It looks as though Friday is going to be SF Legion of Honor Art Deco trip take two.
Jean is doing much better and seems much happier now that she is being hand fed and praised while doing so a couple of times a day.
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Inventory is finally over so I can think about taking some vacation time. I would probably end up hanging out around here for most of it since James can't take any vacation time till August, I think, but it would be a nice chance to get some more stuff done and not have to worry about going to work. A couple of days ago he bought a DVD on classical dancing so he and I could try to learn how to dance together. Aw. Better go continue getting ready for work.

A Good Day

Apr. 11th, 2004 12:03 am
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It was a good day. I sold four of our companies membership cards today so I'm going to get to have an extra 15 minute break tomorrow. I think I'm going to try to head out the door early tomorrow so I can go to Sunol to see everyone that gathers there for Easter. I think James will be joining me.
It was just a good day. I felt relatively relaxed all day. We changed the satellite music that was playing at one point in the evening to the 50s and 60s hits. I got to hear stuff like Simon and Garfunkel, "The Sound of Silence." I love that song! At one point there was a song playing in our store that I loved and there was a song playing in Starbucks that I liked too. That was pretty cool. Made for a nice relaxed, easy going evening.
The best part of the entire day was when my Grandmother called. She's been going to an acupuncturist for various things and he's been doing a treatment to try to help her macular degeneration. For the longest time she has had only peripheral vision in the one eye. She can see out of it again! She went outside and looked at the stars tonight! I can't believe it! I don't even care why it's happening, she's had such a hard time for so much of her life that it is so thrilling to have this happen for her! She's been able to walk a lot easier since seeing him too. I just hope it lasts for her.


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