Tummy Time

Dec. 6th, 2010 02:15 pm
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Why babies need more of it than they're getting.
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The best time to learn a foreign language: Between birth and age 7. Missed that window?

For kids, two languages can be as easy as one )

"You'll be surprised," Kuhl says. "They do seem to pick it up like sponges."

By AP Medical Writer, Lauran Neergaard
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Teachers share science by taking advantage of children's innate curiosity about the world.

Child Care

Mar. 26th, 2007 08:48 am
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The more time that children spent in child care, the more likely their sixth grade teachers were to report problem behavior.

Also, children who got quality child care before entering kindergarten had better vocabulary scores in the fifth grade than did youngsters who received lower quality care.

The findings come from the largest study of child care and development conducted in the United States. The 1,364 children in the analysis had been tracked since birth as part of a study by the National Institutes of Health.

Report )
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So very, very warm. I woke up from a nap on the couch to find the house stiflingly hot. Ick. I hate hot weather. Since I can't live in a swimming pool or a lake during this kind of weather I have no use for it. Bring back the mid seventies with a bit of a breeze and I'll be happy.
My little monsters seem to be enjoying their classes. It's a lot harder to tell with the older group, they are soooo quiet. It's kind of creepy in there. Some of the boys were getting a little too riled up today and I had to keep "yelling at them" to keep it down for the class next door.
Made yet another trip to Michaels today. I need to try to monitor the use of paint a little better, my younger groups have been plowing through the paint. EEK!
I was wrapping up the projects on Ancient Egypt today in Art Through History and two of my girls could not understand why I wouldn't let them do a ladybug and a turtle instead of an icky nasty scarab on their river stone. Hey, I told them they could paint the other side like a ladybug and a turtle tomorrow after their side with the beetle has dried, but they both nixed it! What the heck?! I'm trying to work with you gals! Ladybugs have nothing to do with Ancient Egypt.
The school has declared tomorrow Cartoon Day for the kids to wear something with a cartoon character on it or to dress up as their favorite character so I've decided to let my Draw and Sketch class do cartoon characters tomorrow.
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I spoke to the gal who runs the Art History Dept. for Fremont and I will be going in on Thursday to talk about maybe teaching a ten week course in elementary schools for different periods in Art History. She asked what my Art History background was and I felt sort of goofy saying taking classes at Ohlone and mentioning my Cultural Anthropology course, but she thought that sounded good. Oooo...I hope this works out. If not, I tried and maybe I can get into it later, but it would be so cool if it worked out now!


Jan. 23rd, 2004 08:29 pm
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I got a call today from a gal who runs the Art History dept. for the city of Fremont and said that Irene had called her saying that I was interested in teaching Art History in the schools. Hmmm...this may go somewhere after all. I just knew that if I got my foot in the door with the city that I would be in and be set. Set for what, I'm not sure, but they are definitely interested in working with me. I'll have to give her a call back this weekend and see if we can set something up.
Okay...back to mucking through my closet, part of my ongoing attempt to get organized.


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