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I will sing until the last day of my life.


Oct. 13th, 2005 02:08 pm
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Lost Beethoven Manuscript Rediscovered
This piece by Beethoven has been missing for 115 years and was found in a cabinet in a library. I can only imagine how excited the librarian must have been when she realized what she had found.
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We had an incredible house concert thanks to Incendio.

Incendio's Website

Folks were very excited about this one. One guest said that this was our best one yet and he has been to virtually all our previous house concerts. They set the bar pretty high. I was glad that AzurDragon was able to (sort of)attend.

Our next house concert will be November 14th, Caliban, in their sixth visit to our residence. It's tradition! ^_^


Aug. 27th, 2004 03:16 am
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Wow, I actually found one of their cds on eBay. I can't believe they classified this group as folk, obviously they've never seen them in person. Folk is definitely an influence and part of their style, but they are a bit more energetic than you usually would find in folk music.

Tempest Music


Aug. 10th, 2004 03:05 am
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My parents have joined LJ under the username: waynesue to create a place to post things about our house concerts and discuss local musicians with folks. Welcome!
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James picked me up from my art classes and we rushed over to BART so we could try to be at a bookstore in San Francisco at seven. They Might Be Giants were doing an in store performance at A Clean Well Lit Place for their new/first book "BED! BED! BED!" The place was packed and definitely breaking fire regulations for maximum occupancy. It was so hot in there and the place was missing a little thing called oxygen. It was so cool though! This is the third time that we have been able to see them play and they did a signing afterward so we got their signature and a photo taken with them. I also got to shake John Flansburg's hand. Very cool.
After that we had sushi at a place right near the escapes me, but mmmmm...


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