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More Spiderman movies
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Oscar-winning Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki releases his first full-length film in four years this weekend, dropping computer graphics for his pencil to tell the story of a fish-girl and the sea.

Gake no Ue no Ponyo )
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Charlton Heston has passed on.
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Sin City

James didn't have school today so we got to spend the day together. Woke up early (well, eight-thirty is early by my standards, but I work the late shift) and watched "Sin City" with a little orange tabby cat curled up in my lap.
We had lunch at Country Way and then came back to watch another film and later on had dinner with my parents. I'll get to see him Wednesday night after he gets out of school and then I should be off on Thursday for his birthday.
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We had the carpet cleaned today. (Sorry [ profile] jemstone for having to drop out of Yahoo IM so rapidly, I needed to be off the carpet for a few hours to let it dry). Since we were rather trapped in just certain parts of the house my Mom and I took off to run some errands. We stopped by a couple of shops at Newpark mall, I am still hunting for a photo album to hold my Sweden and Norway trip photos in; perhaps I'm being too picky. I just haven't found one that I liked really well yet. I have this very nice photo album for Ireland so it just seems like the Sweden and Norway trip ought to be in something equally striking.
After striking out there we made a trip to Costco to pick up some stuff for the house concert. It looks like we will have a full house unless we have a lot of no-shows. Costco is a very dangerous place to go wandering.
Mom and I arrived home just as James was pulling up after getting out of school. We went out for dinner at Red Robin and then went to go see "Brothers Grimm." We had some time before the film started so went into the arcade and played a game of air hockey which I won! WOOHOO! I love air-hockey. My "dream-house" would definitely have an air-hockey table in it somewhere. =)
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that film. I'm kind of on the fence about it. It had a neat premise and there were certainly some entertaining moments, but I think I would recommend it more as something to rent rather than rush out to catch on the big screen. It was just nice having an evening out with James.
A bit after arriving home James alerted me that a documentary on Loreena McKennitt called "No Journey's End" was airing on KQED channel 9. It was lovely; it consisted of several music videos and her talking about her journeying around the world seeking different cultural inspirations and history for her music.
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Finally got through "The Phantom of the Opera" with Dragon on Monday night. That only took three evenings scattered over a number of weeks to show her all of that film. =P Course, she knew the story already since James and I had taken her to see the stage production in S.F. Sigh...Phantom. There are some things I wasn't entirely satisfied with concerning this film, but all in all I would have to say they adapted it for the big screen beautifully.
Spent Monday doing really absolutely nothing productive at all. =P Must try to make up for that today. James surprised me by coming over after he got out of class. He did his reading homework here and then we went out in search of dinner. We ended up going to a Japanese place right near his school. They were okay, nothing too impressive and James wasn't wowed by their salmon skin roll which is his ruler for measuring the appeal of a Japanese restaurant.
The moon was beautiful, there were clouds swirling around it...they had that rainbow effect from oil on the surface of water look about them. James dropped me off and I ended up getting in touch with Dragon and going almost immediately back out to get pie at Baker Square. Yay for French Silk! After that we headed back to my house where we finally finished up with Phantom.
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Batman Begins

I was supposed to go see this today with James, his brother Bob, and his friend Liz on the IMAX screen in Dublin, but I ended up having to rush around Ohlone making sure to get all my paperwork for OFK turned in. Got that mostly taken care of, aside from needing to take my Social Security card to them early on Monday morning. (Thank you [ profile] dragonluk for your help in translating some of the paperwork). ^_^

James had driven me over to the walk in clinic in Warmsprings to get my TB results and when they came out with them I was told that my Father had called there to tell me that he found out that the office was going to be closed on Friday and that I needed to get the paperwork up there right away or I wouldn't have been able to teach on Monday. Ack! James had to drop me off at Ohlone so I could run around and get my fingerprinting done and he could go see the film with Liz and Bob. After that had dinner with Dragon at Outback and then watched some "Witch Hunter Robin" before James arrived.
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Went to see "Howl's Moving Castle" with James and Dragon. As always Miyazaki's work is breathtaking and brilliant. The landscapes are stunning (drool) and the characters are wonderful. Calcifer is adorable. We thought we were going to be seeing a subtitled showing, but the dubbing job was very well done. I'll be very curious to see the subtitled version on DVD. Had a less than ideal dinner at Macaroni Grill afterward before heading back home, but it was very nice getting to spend some more time with Miss [ profile] dragonluk. Thanks again for driving! ^_^
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I might have gotten about three hours of sleep last night. I don't know what the problem was, allergies or what, but at seven-thirty this morning I had seen about half an hour of sleep. Keep in mind that I had tried turning in for the night at around two-thirty after James and I finished watching "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead."

Quiet Day

Mar. 28th, 2005 10:32 pm
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Spent the earlier part of the day wandering the internet and visiting my cat when James called to let me know that he was going to get to see me this evening after all, his boss was letting him go home early to save payroll hours. After he got off work I drove us over to a nearby chinese restaurant where we had an okay dinner and then over to Hollywood Video, we rented a Robin Williams film that was released direct to video called "Final Cut." Interesting film. The premise being that parents can have a chip implanted into their child's brain that will record audio and visual. It records everything. Every moment is preserved. There are people that make their living by going through the memory chip of the deceased and editing it down to make a mini motion picture of the deceased for their loved ones to watch. Of course, some things are too gruesome so they get cut out. It was interesting, in a disturbing sort of way. I wouldn't want someone to be able to see every moment of my life. We both liked the film and I have to agree with James' assessment that the film wasn't released in theatres because Hollywood seems to have this notion that the movie going public cannot handle/enjoy/comprehend films with an ambiguous/ unsettling ending.
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My sister watched "The Incredibles" for the first time last night. Poor thing, what a sad deprived life. It was only my third time. The animation in it is sooo nice. Their hair looks so good! When ElastiGirl and the kids land in the water their hair really looks wet. Oooo...and I love the manta ray underwater rocket that Mr. Incredible rides to the island on. I want one! Just one? Please?!
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Stuff that isn't a Phantom movie review )
All in all I'm very pleased with the film adaption of the play that I'm so taken with. The gal who plays Christine Daae has a lovely voice, she's a very promising talent. Gerard Butler (Phantom/Erik) does not have the vocal range to play Phantom. I'm not saying that purely because I am biased toward Michael Crawford in that role, that is part of it, but Butler really can't handle some of the range in the Phantom songs. He sounds slightly nasally a few times while singing. He can do the breathy, seductive singing voice just fine and he's fine to look at (shiver), but otherwise he really can't pull it off.
I must say that Christine Daae runs about scandalously immodest for a young Victorian woman. He must have really had her swooning, I think most Victorian ladies would notice that all of their legs were showing from beneath their dressing gown. Minor detail. I just thought I would mention it because it amused me, in a time where the legs on tables weren't even supposed to show she is sitting around with the band of her thigh high stockings showing. They didn't even have her wearing a garter belt! How inaccurate! Seriously though, it was lovely, I was pleased, thrilled by getting to see it on the big screen. I will own it! The young man that played Raoul was...okay. I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed by him, but I don't think Raoul is a character that you have to be wowed by for the production to work. I think, for me, the fact that I already love the character that Butler was portraying went a long way toward letting me forgive him for his shortcomings. My only other issue with the film was that some of the original lines that they sing on the stage they spoke on the screen, but said them with the same rhythm they would have if they were singing them. That sounds absurd. No one talks that way, except perhaps Will Shatner and folks mock him for it. Raoul it scares...don't put me through it...Raoul I'm frightened, etc. spoken doesn't work. Sing it or speak normally and transition into song. The sets were gorgeous as was the costuming. It was very cool seeing a close up look at the masquerade. Mr. Webber changed some things around, like when the chandelier falls, but I was okay with it.
Might I just, but it was cold and rainy last night!
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James got in yesterday from his trip to Las Vegas and was off today. He dropped me off for class- I got my latest paper back and was pleasantly surprised to find that he had given me a forty-eight out of fifty. I can live with that. I was surprised I didn't get a worse grade, I was so out of it from my allergies at the time that I was working on it. That and I was little stressed out from finding out that my friend, Chris had rushed to Kaiser because of chest pains. I was just pleased that I managed to get it done and figured I did a passable job on it and would deserve whatever grade he gave me. I'm happy with my grade. Stopped by for a quick hello to Dragon and then ran off to meet up with James.
We had a less than satisfactory dinner at Tony Roma's over by the Union City theatre. The lettuce in the salad tasted way past its prime (pretty wilted), this drink that I ordered (that was supposed to be a chocolate liquer, vodka, and raspberry or something like that) was served to me hot of all things and definitely had coffee in it. Don't you think a drink menu should make some mention of the fact that it's served hot and has coffee as an ingredient?! The chocolate martini they served me to replace it was pretty weak and unimpressive. My steak was really dry. Thank goodness for the french fries. I don't think I'm going to be terribly interested in returning there anytime soon. Our server was very nice though.
The movie more than made up for a poor dinner; "The Incredibles" was incredible! Such an awesome movie. All the effects looked great: the hair, the fabric, the backgrounds, their hair when it gets wet. I loved ElastiGirl and the way she moved and stretched. Frozo (?), Samuel L. Jackson's character was very cool. That's all I'm going to say, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. Go see it!
Got home and there was a message from James' mother saying that his boss had called for him, asking him to come in earlier tomorrow morning so James had to leave earlier than originally planned. Pout. Stupid boss, won't do any of the big set-ups himself. What a shmuck. Apparently another manager was very surprised that Sean had James handling some of the stuff that he does and yet he's completely retarded his training so that James couldn't be given his own store.
After James left I listened to some Loreena McKennitt while doing laundry and cooking something for tomorrow. I made a pasta dish with pesto sauce, broccoli, prosciutto, and chicken. I just finished the dishes a bit ago.
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Phantom of the Opera Movie
Eeeee! There's going to be a Phantom of the Opera movie! There have been rumours about it for years, but Andrew Lloyd Webber is finally going to release a movie production of Phantom. Swoon. I wish they hadn't waited so long so that Michael Crawford could have starred in it, but they probably wanted someone younger that would draw more viewers. Apparently Minnie Driver is going to play the part of Carlotta, that should be interesting. Can Minnie Driver sing at all?
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Yesterday (Friday, October 1st.) was one of James and my last days of vacation together and our anniversary (four years and eleven months). We spent the earlier part of the day around the house (ordered a pizza for breakfast), but later in the evening we agreed to have dinner at Papillon and then see "The Forgotten" afterward.
Dinner was lovely, I always have a hard time deciding what to select, everything sounds tempting. James and I both opted for the special of the evening, a filet mignon and I had a spinach salad. James ordered a chocolate martini for me. That was amazing tasting! I should definitely go back to eating chicken legs with broccoli for my dinner after the delicious, indulgent vacation week I've had. We were seated in an inner dining room that we had never been in before, velvet patterned wallpaper. The sort of thing that is neat somewhere else, but you would never want in your own home. The waiter didn't charge us for our desserts. He was all grins when he came with our bill telling us that the desserts were on him. Not sure what we did that made such an impression on him.
Dinner took longer than we were anticipating, but we were able to make it to the theatre in plenty of time, we didn't even miss the previews.
"The Forgotten" wasn't so much scary as it was highly suspenseful, it felt a lot like a long episode of "The X-Files" sans Scully and Mulder. I recommend seeing it. I wouldn't say that it is something that needs to be seen on the big screen, but if you were looking for a reason to get out of the house for a night and wanted to see a movie it was good. There were some very tense scenes that had the small audience in the theatre with us jumping. The first moment that really freaked everyone out was during a car chase when a van rammed into our heroes in their vehicle. I rather enjoy moments where the audience has a group reaction/ experience, but we leave it at that brief flash of laughter at our jumpiness, etc.
When we got in I could tell that Jean is feeling much better since she came to greet us at the door. She came in and curled up with us while we watched some Eddie Izzard "Dress to Kill" before tucking in for the night.
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Woke up to find Jean curled up on the floor at the foot of my bed. I'm worried that I may need to stop letting her sleep in my room at night. I was picking up stuff in my room and I discovered that she must have had an accident while being locked up in my room and unable to wake me to let her out. My blue bodice now really needs to be washed, but the hardwood floor seems to have cleaned up okay. I feel bad for her, she's a good girl, I'm sure she didn't want to do that, but I really don't want cats urinating in my room! Usually when she has slept in my room she is there when James isn't over and she sleeps on the opposite side of the bed next to me. Then if she hops off during the night I usually feel it and wake up to let her out. Poor little kitty. I'm not mad at her, she hasn't been feeling well and she had no way out of my room. I'm thinking about setting up her cat bed outside my room at night so she can sleep nearby, see how she takes to that. If James isn't staying over I think I will still give letting her stay in my room a try since I am able to wake up if she's on the bed and gets up.
Dragon called in the afternoon to see what our vacation plans were for the day. We agreed to meet at five outside of Pearl's Cafe. I drove James over to get a haircut and return "The Punisher." While there we picked up "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Shaolin Soccer." Both very good movies for very different reasons. Eternal Sunshine was very interesting... I would recommend it if you enjoy a story that isn't straightforward and surprises you. "Shaolin Soccer" is just fun.
After James' haircut I drove us over to the Hub so I could inquire at Site For Sore Eyes about this offer they have where you can get a free eye exam and the second pair of glasses free. I've been needing glasses for a while and thought I would look into them since I think it would be a while till my optometrist would be able to see me. I've been a little anxious about driving at night recently if there are a lot of cars around since I get a lot glare effect in the right eye. Sigh, I hate that my right eye is getting worse. It was weird, but I felt like I was betraying Dr. Tsujimoto by going to Site for Sore Eyes. I've seen him since I was a little girl, but I've been bad and haven't seen him in several years. We had to call Dragon from Site for Sore Eyes to let her know we would be about fifteen minutes late for arriving at Pearl's for dinner.
Dinner was wonderful and dessert just about put me in a coma it made my brain so happy. Mmmm...I think I could actually feel the endorphins rushing through me. My brain was singing! Our server is such a nice guy, we used to see him at Market Broiler and I ring him and his lady-friend up at B&N sometimes. James didn't care for his entree, it was duck confit with cherries and blue cheese. He thought the blue cheese was overwhelming and our server apologized, took it back, offered James something else. He accidentally brought out the wrong dessert to Dragon, but let her keep that and corrected her order. He kept apologizing for it, geez two desserts. Yeah, you had better apologize! ^_^ He also brought me a glass of Chocolate Port to drink with my brownie. Brownie does not even begin to do this dessert justice! Droooooool.
Dragon stopped by after sword class and showed me how to alter a photo so I could have this icon of Jean. =)
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James and I went to the Hacienda Crossing shopping center to have lunch at Macaroni Grill and see "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." Lunch was very good, I did feel a little cheated that we didn't get any crayons for our table. Fortunately I had pens to doodle with. The Italian language lesson recordings in the bathroom are certainly entertaining. I heard one, "I have seen the future and it is the same as today, but longer." Huh?! We had an hour and a half till the next showing of "Sky Capt." so we wandered through a Party Supply store and looked at their Halloween stuff. I'm still waiting to be inspired by something and figure out what I want to be for Halloween. We were all alone in the theatre for a while till another couple came in and sat in the back. We were really hoping we were going to have the theatre to ourselves like when we went to see, "Castaway." A little ways into the movie another couple came in and sat down in our row, but they disappeared after a bit so it was just us and that other couple. What a fantastic movie! It was so much fun! The opening looked like a Batman cartoon opener, it was wonderful. I drove us through Sunol Blvd. till we got to the canyon and James drove us through that, I really do seem to be improving and am feeling much more confident about it. We drove back into Fremont and went to the Spirit Halloween store at the Hub and looked around. I bought a couple of wigs, but still no ideas. I just enjoy looking through costume stores. We did a little shopping at Trader Joe's and I drove us home to watch "Twisted." It was pretty twisted. I'm not entirely sure what I thought of it. We had to drag Jean out from behind my parents bed in order to give her her evening medicine, but after that she was interested in eating and I was able to give her a spoonful of baby food. I drove us to Hollywood Video and James ran in to drop the movies off and rent a copy of "The Punisher." It was pretty good. Jean let me feed her some more after getting back from picking up the movie. I was trying to break up feeding her a bit to let the stuff we were giving her settle, she hasn't eaten much in the last couple of days and I don't want to rush her and upset her stomach. James gave me another festival of Petrakah gift this evening, "Matrix-Revolutions." Cool.

Day Off!

Jul. 13th, 2004 03:20 pm
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Went over to Newpark Mall with James, wandered about while he underwent his second laser treatment for the removal of his tattoo. I found a purse for my cousin's wedding on the 24th, I still have to go with my Mom to pick up a wedding gift for them though and I need to get my hair trimmed. James met up with me and we went over to Rasputin Music and each bought a copy of the new They Might Be Giants CD that was released today, "Spine." After that we went over to a Japanese restaurant at the Hub in Fremont and had lunch. While at the Hub James picked up a travel brochure on Scandinavia, we want to try to go next year. Tonight we're going to be visiting his best friend, Jason Butler and I believe the plan is to go swimming in his pool. James won't be able to join me in that though since he's supposed to keep his tattoo dry. I was sent a newsletter from Loreena McKennitt's website saying that she's in the developmental stages of her next release that is slated for coming out in the fall of 2005. I hope so, it's been a long time since "Book of Secrets" came out. It would be wonderful if she toured somewhere near here when it is released, James has been wanting to take me to a Loreena McKennitt concert for years, but she hasn't been doing any touring.

P.S. - Had a great time swimming at Jason Butler's house! We got there around seven and since he has a solar heated pool we waited until the sun went down to get in. In the meantime we ordered a pizza and watched "Butterfly Effect." Weird movie, interesting, but weird.


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