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Secret of spider-man suit revealed
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I was off today so James and I headed over to a local costume/dance supply store today where I tried on a perky viking costume (it was cute, but really needed to be a few inches longer so I could be sure my bum would be covered ;P) and bought a black leotard.
Made a run over to the Spirit Halloween store where I picked up long white gloves, white boot tops, and a white wig. Checked out Victoria's Secret to get some special tape to make sure the outfit adheres in the right places.
Headed over to James' house and his Mom helped us alter the leotard top a little.
Yep, I decided to be the Black Cat for Halloween. It looks pretty good. It would look a lot better if I had been able to find a longer white wig, but there isn't a lot I can do about that so this will have to do. I don't think that will be the most attention catching aspect of the costume anyway. ;) (I wish I could do a few more stomach crunches before the EEB, but oh well, it's not that bad).
I also bought a red wig for doing Poison Ivy some other time. I also want to do a Supergirl costume at some point. I really need more occasions for dressing up in costumes.
I got to show off my costume for Dragon this evening and add another photo to my dress up the Dragon collection. Dragon called from work to ask if we had had dinner yet. She drove us over to TGI Fridays where we enjoyed a delicious meal that will definitely not help with my looking better in my Black Cat costume. ;P Oops. After getting back home I threw my costume on to model for her and then my family and her took turns trying on the wig. Dad definitely looked the best in it I think, although the phrase "old hippie" certainly comes to mind.
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Ack! I always do this! I love costumes and Halloween and see Halloween as my big chance to get all decked out in some wonderful costume and be something... magical and different. I don't want to use my Rein Faire gear because most every year I end up incorporating my Rein Faire gear into my costume. I don't know what to be, I think I like the idea of being a superhero...not sure. I'm off on Wednesday so James and I will be going costume shopping. Of course he has his already. He always begins planning it months in advance and I think a little about it and then end up down to the wire. He will make a wonderful Mr. Incredible. (Just so you know, I don't want to be Elastigirl).

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If you pick other please make a suggestion under comments. Thanks! ^_^

(edited to add: I could remake the poll, but I'm going to be lazy. I will add Poison Ivy as another option for a Halloween costume. That being said, I will open it up to if you can think of another superhero or villain that you think I should be please suggest it. =)
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Well, thus far it would appear that an eBay seller lying about her shipping time will force my hand on what I dress up as for Halloween. James and I still haven't received our Jedi robes and unless they miraculously appear today or tomorrow in the mail I will be dressed up as Elle Driver as a Nurse. Phooey, Elle will be cool, but I was really rather hoping to do both.
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Alright, I'm waffling back and forth between these two at this point.

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Oct. 6th, 2004 01:04 am
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Hmmm....poll results are rather all over the place. I do rather like [ profile] fianngalliard 's vote for me being Elle as a Nurse/Forest Goddess/Jedi/Poison Ivy. Can't decide? Why not just be everything! =)
Right now I'm wavering between Jedi, Elle as a Nurse, and Black Cat.
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YAY! I managed to go to a party at Chris Foley's and not get drunk! A very good thing. =) I had a few glasses of mead and a few sips from James' Beamish, but I'm okay. James and I had fun, but I think I like it better when we get to throw our own party. I didn't know much of anyone there. Chris, who we used to work at Barnes& Noble with, was too busy being a host to talk to us too much, but fortunately another previous coworker, Mike Pickering was there. It's always good to get to see Mike. I wish we could hang out with all the old B&N people more often.
I loved my costume, even if it did make going through doorways hard. I wore (still am wearing actually) my blue Renn Faire costume with my white Irish chemise under it with a pair of fairy wings and elf ears. James wore his Renn Faire costume and a really cute set of horns that I happen to have on right now. I love my ears! I want to wear them all the time. I'm also covered in glitter, which is pretty fun too.
Ooooo! My parents got expanded cable! I get the History channel and Cartoon Network now! WooHoo! I got to watch a special on Vlad the Impaler on the History Channel yesterday.
We didn't get trick or treaters here till pretty late in the evening. I'm used to people bringing their little kids around maybe a little after they get out of school, not waiting until it's completely dark out to take their kids around. The first two to our doors didn't even have costumes on. Uh, here's a dollar, tell your parents to get you Halloween costumes next year.
The cats, especially Smudge, were pretty ticked off that they weren't allowed outside all evening.
Today is James and my four year anniversary. Wow. Not sure what all we're going to do, we definitely want to work on going through our Ireland photos and try to put together an album to show everyone a good sample of our experience.
I hope everyone had a lot of safe fun!


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