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Jordan Gilmer has a degenerative condition that eventually will leave him completely blind. But as a child, his teachers did not emphasize Braille, the system of reading in which a series of raised dots signify letters of the alphabet.

Forcing the Blind to be illiterate )
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If Dr. Seuss had written Hamlet.
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In recent days I've found myself thinking a lot about picture books I read as a child. I remember one about a little girl that was raised as a witch, but is unhappy about being a witch and it turns out that she is actually a fairy daughter that had been lost. I loved this book when I was little and borrowed it from the school library many times, but now I can't remember what it was called and I would really like to try to track it down. It's probably not even in print anymore.
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The madness wasn't actually that bad. I was busy most all of the evening, but didn't have more customers than usual. It was really loud in there and hot. Too many bodies in there for the air conditioning to be able to manage. I was all dressed up and the Argus (local paper) photographer took my photo, but I didn't make it into the paper today. Drat. They did have us on the front page though.
Today I was there for actual selling of Harry Potter and that went very quickly too. Almost constant line of people. I had a couple of customers ask for my name because I had been helpful. That was nice.
Got dinner to go from Yuris and I've got to say I was disappointed. They've changed owners. I called on my break to pick it up and asked for an assorted sashimi (they didn't give me sashimi, they gave me mixed not so great sushi) and the gal couldn't understand that I was asking for rice. Yeah, rice, that thing that goes with everything that you serve there (more or less)! Phooey, now I may need to find a new Japanese restaurant and a new fish place since Market Broiler hasn't been that great the last three times that I've been there. =( Stop messing with my eating places! It's not like there are a lot of great places to eat around here.
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Tonight is the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince release party. EEK! Scared, so scared. Well, at least I told them that I was not available for working the all night shift this time around. I've been crashing at about one lately so I couldn't possibly work till three in the a.m. or whenever they are going to get out of there. I'm dressing up in my newest Rein Faire garb (which really isn't at all period, but is so very pretty) and am going to wear a witch hat in an attempt to keep myself from being made to wear a Harry Potter #6 baseball cap. Baseball caps really don't work with my look. ^_^
I reserved a copy, but I can wait till tomorrow to pick it up, I'm still reading the last (presently) of the Amelia Peabody mysteries anyway.
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"What sounds are those that gather from the shores, The voice of nymphs that haunt the sylvan bowers, The fair-hair'd dryads of the shady wood, Or azure daughters of the silver flood?"

Homer : Odyssey
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I was running so late today for getting to work. I don't know what my problem is lately that I can't get out the door at a reasonable time. Symptom of not being satisfied with my job? I feel like I'm getting pretty blase' about some things- They're not going to fire me for this so oh well. Bad, bad, bad. Need to work on that.
Still pondering buying my friend's car. I just wish I was having more luck finding info on it on-line.
Ack! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving! I haven't discussed plans with James yet. I brought it up about a week or so ago, but I didn't know then what my family was going to be doing. Apparently the family is meeting in Sunol this year at my Great-Aunt's place; I had been suggesting that I could try to stop by and stay for at least a bit at James' for Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure how we'll coordinate this. It had always been complicated enough with my folks debating back and forth where we were going to be for the holidays, but now I've got to try to add my fiance's family into the mix. My Dad's side of the family meet every year up in Sunol at my Great-Aunt's house, but there has always been the debate from my Mom's side of the family (namely Grammie) that the Furlong side of the family (that lives in CA) is much smaller so we should be with them. I'm hoping we'll succeed in getting her to come with us this time. My Uncle Jeffrey doesn't care about Thanksgiving, he would much rather just stay home with the dog. (rolls eyes) Must try to figure something out with James. I don't want his family thinking that I don't like them.
I started reading the most recent Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel, "Incubus Dreams" yesterday. I think it's really at the point now that I'm only continuing to read them because I like the main character so much. I don't know...they've just degenerated into tales about her sordid, complicated love life. I was really much more interested in them when there were nasty supernatural beings out to get her. That is still part of it, but in the last couple of novels that seems to really have become a side plot, while her sex life has become the primary focus. I feel like yelling at her to go kill something!
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Tancavë .....Yes (lit. Certainly)
Lá ..... No (lit. no, not)
Ma quetil i lambe Eldaiva? ..... Do you speak Elvish?
Mana quentel? ..... What did you say?
Hanyan. ..... I understand.
Umin hanya. ..... I do not understand.
Antan vandanya. ..... I swear. (lit: I give my solemn promise)
Á tecë! ..... Write!
Á nyarë i nyárë! ..... Tell/recite/sing the tale!
Merin quetë. ..... I wish to speak.
Á quetë! ..... Speak!
Á lasta! ..... Listen!
Man nalyë? ..... Who are you?
Mana carnel? ..... What did you do?
Massë i omentië? ..... Where is the meeting?
Ma merilyë tulconya? ..... Do you want my help? (lit. support)
Ma istanyel? ..... Do I know you?
Ma hanyalyen? ..... Do you understand me?
Ma nal nessa? ..... Are you young?
Ma nal linyenwa? ..... Are you old?
Yanna lendel? / Yassë lendel? ..... Where did you travel?
Man caril tyalien? ..... What do you do for fun (play)?
Man caril mótien? ..... What do you do for work (labor)?
Massë maril? ..... Where do you live (dwell)?
Massë maruval? ..... Where will you dwell?
Man mi nosselya? ..... Who is in your family?
Ma nal halla? ..... Are you tall?
Ma nal sinta? ..... Are you short?
Manna lelyuval lairë sinassë? ..... Where will you go this summer?
Man caruval tyalien tanómë? ..... What will you do for fun there?

Polite Expressions
Hantanyel. ..... I thank thee.
Hantalë! ..... Thank/Thanks! (lit. thanksgiving)
Carna nilmen. ..... Done for friendship.
Nan alassëa núrolya. ..... I serve with joy. (lit. I am your joyful servant.)
Titta nat. ..... Just a little thing.
Nal mára núro. Well served! ..... (lit. You are a good servant!)
Áni apsenë! ..... Forgive me!
Lá sangië apsenë. ..... It is not necessary to forgive! (lit. No necessity to forgive.)
Nanyë nyérinqua. ..... I'm sad/sorry. (lit. I'm sorrowful.)
Ai, haryal nyérenya. ..... Alas, you have my expression of deep regret. (lit. You have my grief.)
Máravë carna! ..... Well done!
Sailavë quétina! ..... Well said! (lit. Wisely said)
Herunya ..... My lord
Herinya ..... My lady

Á tulë, matë as inyë! ..... Come and dine with me!
Á tulë, á matë ar á sucë merendo! ..... Come, eat and drink of the feast!
Apsa sina ná mára! ..... This food is delicious!
Ma merilyë yulma neno? ..... Do you want a cup of water?
Á quanta yulmanya! ..... Fill my cup!
Almiën! ..... Cheers! (lit. to good fortune)

Expressions of Love
Melinyel ..... I love you
Melmenya ..... My love
Meldanya ..... My dear

Some of the following have no presence in Tolkiens' world:
Celebrations / Holidays / Anniversaries
Alassëa nosta! ..... Happy birthday!
Alassëa merendë! ..... Season's greetings! (lit. Joyous feast!)
Alassëa Vinyarië! ..... Happy New Year!
Alassëa Melmeré! ..... Happy Valentine's Day! (lit. Joyous Day of Love)
Alassëa Hristomerendë! ..... Merry Christmas! (lit. Joyous Feast of Christ)
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Á carë tittë nati alta melmenen. ..... Do small things with great love.
No i ahië ya meril cenë Ambaressë. ..... Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Ánin anta estelya. ..... Trust me (lit. Give your trust to me.)
Nilmë ná ve lótë ya losta tennoio. ..... Friendship is like a flower that blooms forever.

Arguing / Debate
Áva quetë! ..... Do not speak!
Áva tinta ormë ilfirin óressë! ..... Do not kindle anger in an immortal heart!
Ai merin nat carna, inyë caruva nat sina. ..... If I want something done, I'll do it myself.
Haryal úruva fëa! ..... You have a fiery spirit!

Á lasta lalienya! ..... Listen to my laughter!
Holmelya ná ve orco! ..... Your smell is like an orc!

Er lú cuilessë ..... Once in a lifetime (lit. One time in life)
Andavë yá ..... Long ago
Sí ..... Now

Man? ..... Who?
Massë? ..... Where?
Man? / Mana? ..... What?
Manen? ..... How?
Man lúmessë? ..... When? (lit. At what time?)
As man? ..... With whom?

Yallume! ..... At last!
Ela! ..... Look!
Ai! ..... Ah! / Alas!

Fear & Danger
Á pusta! ..... Stop / Halt!
Áva rucë! ..... Fear not! / Don't worry!
Á rucë! ..... Flee!
Á nurta! ..... Hide!

Fighting / Battle
Urqui túlar! ..... Orcs are coming!
Á mahta qualmenna! ..... Fight to the death!
Haryuvalvë túrë! ..... We will defeat them! (lit. we will have victory)
Qualmë cotumonyain! ..... Death to our foes!
Qualmë urquin! ..... Death to the orcs!
Qualmë cotumoin Eldalieva! ..... Death to the foes of the elves!
À urya cálë! Á rúcë mórë! ..... Flame light! Flee night!
Áuta i lóme! Aurë entuluva! ..... The night is passing! Day shall come again!
Á qualta te! ..... Kill them!
Á mapa te! ..... Sieze them!
Á nutë te! ..... Bind them !
Áva qualta ta. ..... Don't kill it!

Heru i Million ..... Lord of the Rings
Á norta roccolya. ..... Ride your horse.
Sinomë sé metta, i metta ilquava. ..... Here at the end, the end of all things.
Úmin merë ta. ..... I don't want it.
Á hára! ..... Sit down!
Nárendur ..... Servant of Fire
Tira nottolya ..... Face your foe.
Tulta tuolya ..... Summon forth your strength
An mauya mahtie ..... For you must fight
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I read Larry Niven's short story, "Inconstant Moon" again the other night. I seem to feel the need to read this story about once a year or so, whenever I come across the place I keep it while going through stuff. Larry Niven is such an impressive science fiction writer. Something about the "What would you do with your last night on Earth?" concept appeals to me. I love the movie "Last Night" for the same reasons, although I do find it a little more unsettling than Mr. Niven's tale.
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I finally decided it was time to succumb to my gut instinct and give up on reading "Daughter of God." I was hoping that it would deal with some of the same concepts as "The DaVinci Code" and while it does offer some interesting new perspectives on organized religion and the decline of the goddess, it is just not well written! I would be on an "intense" scene or some key plot point and just couldn't muster any real interest in the book. I have this thing about not finishing books that I've started, but I just don't want to finish this one. It's all so obvious. I moved on to James Patterson's "2nd Chance." Now that is compelling intense reading! I actually wish I was reading it when I'm not, in comparison with wishing I wasn't reading while trying to read "Daughter of God." Too bad.


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