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Fairly relaxed day. Class was canceled for the day so I wandered over to bug Dragon, but she had to be to a meeting at three. Was considering waiting around for her to get out of her meeting, but didn't really feel like sitting around at Ohlone for that long so I ended up taking the bus home. I could have tried calling my Mom, but I wasn't getting any service at all on my phone up on the hill. Saw a rainbow while riding on the bus. ^_^ Had a nice stroll home from the bus stop, it was rather invigorating and the fall colors were lovely, the little bit of that that we get around here anyway. Hung around the house, went through some stuff in my room, watched "Mythbusters" on the Discovery Channel. Man, I love those guys.
My mother has enlisted me to handle preparing dinner for the performers when they are here at our house concert this Sunday. I concocted a dish Monday night after getting back in from seeing "The Incredibles" and Mom thinks it would be good to serve to Caliban.
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My Instructor returned our Argument Analysis Papers and I got 50 out of Fifty! WOOHOO! Can't ask for better than that! ^_*
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Best class session ever! (LOL) Today, in order to study Communication Climates/Defensive vs. Supportive Behaviors, we watched the first episode of "Lost In Space- Island in the Sky."


Aug. 29th, 2004 11:51 am
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How odd. I don't work today. I just called the store and Kim told me that I'm not on the schedule for today, but I'm on tomorrow. I had to tell her that I wouldn't be able to be there till five since my original class time was canceled and I had to add in to a class that meets Monday and Wednesday from two-thirty till three-forty five. She was fine with me coming in at five tomorrow and Wednesday of this week, but it looks like I need to try to find someone to cover me on Wednesday of next week. Sigh. It's going to suck having to take Monday and Wedneday as my days off, that will probably just about guarantee that James and I won't have any days off together for a while and even if he did happen to be off I wouldn't be available till the evening. Phooey. Ah well...C'est la vie, I needed the class so what else could I do? James and I will have vacation time together at the end of September. I need to think of some things for us to do. I know we'll be going to the Renaissance Faire in Casa De Fruita at the beginning of the week, but I could use some suggestions for other things for us to do to get out of the house. Any ideas? My Mom has advised me to not get my wisdom teeth done during my vacation and that she would be able to take care of me if I did it in October. I will have to talk with both of them to find out how early in October she would be available, if it would be early in the month I might go with that, but I don't want to push it till the end of the month. We'll see. It was never my intention to let it go this long, but I needed to wait for a time that James would be available to help me out since Mom had to use all her vacation time and sick time on her gallbladder surgery. Even if I do end up getting my surgery done at the end of September I would probably still like a few suggestions for some places to go.
Hopefully my sore throat will feel better by tomorrow.


Aug. 16th, 2004 11:31 pm
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I'm pretty pleased, even if I have been feeling a little blurry and sleepy all day. I went to Ohlone today and was able to register on my cell phone for the class I wanted to join and have been trying to get into for semesters now. Phew. That means that if I can get the Math trouble taken care of I can move on with my life. The rest of the day has been spent reading, trying not to nod off, and spending time with James. After he drops me off tomorrow it sounds like I won't get to see him till maybe Sunday.


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