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You Are The Hermit

You posses a great deal of wisdom and the ability to see people for who they are.
You are always looking ahead at the future, developing visions.
A loner, you tend to travel by yourself through life, seeking your own truth.
You don't crave material things or fancy titles. You have no baggage.

Your fortune:

It's possible that there is a unknown guiding figure in your life, ready to help you.
All you have to do is find this person and seek their advice.
It's also possible that you need to start seeking the meaning of your own life.
Either way, there's some deep thinking you need to undertake, and it needs to be done soon.
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You Are a Good Girl

You are 70% Good and 30% Bad
Generally speaking, you're a very good girl.
(But you don't have us totally fooled!)
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You Are The Godfather Ice Cream

Someone crosses you, and they'll end up with a scoop of this in their bed
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Nov. 22nd, 2005 02:03 am
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The Rose

Nov. 18th, 2005 11:26 am
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You are a Rose:

You are creative, sensual, passionate, and bold.
You pour your heart into everything that you
do. Alluring and gifted with strong sex appeal,
you very easily draw people in with your animal

Symbolsim: The rose has always been a flower
heavily loaded with symbolism. In general it
symbolizes desire, passion, beauty, and

Which Flower are You?
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I scored as Sif )

Lara Croft

Nov. 7th, 2005 12:40 pm
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You scored as Lara Croft. A thrill-seeking, slightly unscrupulous, tough-as-nails archaeologist, Lara Croft travels the world in search of ancient relics perhaps better left hidden. She packs two Colt .45s and has no fear of jumping off buildings, exploring creepy tombs, or taking on evil meglomaniacs bent on world domination.


Lara Croft


Batman, the Dark Knight


William Wallace




El Zorro


James Bond, Agent 007


Indiana Jones


Neo, the "One"


The Amazing Spider-Man


The Terminator


Captain Jack Sparrow


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
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You scored as Inara Serra. The Courtesan. You have a job that brings comfort to people and eases their burdens. It took years of training and dedication to perfect. So why do people keep calling you a whore? You tried to get away from those people, but something keeps bringing you back.


Inara Serra


River Tam


Shepherd Derrial Book


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


The Operative


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Kaylee Frye


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Simon Tam


Jayne Cobb


Which Serenity character are you?
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You are boisterous and affectionate. You are the
kind of tree that takes nothing sitting down,
and is always ready for an adventure. You like
to see everything that goes on around you. You
like the warm weather, but you flourish when
the nights tend to grow slightly colder. You
are someone who likes to extend your days into
the night hours because you never want to leave
anything unfinished. You love an audience when
you do things and you like to show off
sometimes, but others admire your attitude. You
fear past mistakes coming back to haunt you,
but try to live day by day. You admire the
strength of others and try to find the same in
yourself. When you leave this word, you want to
make an impression so that you'll never be

What's Your Inner Tree?
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You Should Learn Swedish

Fantastisk! You're laid back about learning a language - and about life in general.
Peaceful, beautiful Sweden is ideal for you... And you won't even have to speak perfect Swedish to get around!

I'm very amused that this is my results considering that I already decided that I'm going to work on learning Swedish.
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Your Sci-Fi Alter Ego
Your LiveJournal Name:
Your First Name:
Your Lucky Number:
Your Sci-Fi Alter Ego is
This QuickKwiz by GrantGould - Taken 357 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

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Jedi Quiz

Jun. 9th, 2005 09:16 am
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how jedi are you?
:: by lawrie malen
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I'm a Wookie!

Famous fellow members of my species:

My species' special abilities:
Brute strength, marksmanship, intelligence, engineering prowess

My species' general role:
Engineers, assassins, marksmen

Movies my species is in:
Episode I and III-VI

What Star Wars species would you be?

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Star Wars Meme by sailor_phobos
1st 2 Ltrs of 1stname + Last 3 Ltrs of last name
1st 2ltrs of moms last name+Last 3ltrs of city brn
Sith or JediJedi
Skin ColorYellow
Eye ColorBlue
Light Saber ColorGreen
How close you are to switching sides: 23%
You're Random Star Wars Quote:Don't underestimate the Force.
Your Padawan (if you're a jedi)baronlaw
Your apprentice (if you're a sith)lianleviathan
You're Mastermikesama
Quiz created with MemeGen!


May. 4th, 2005 11:49 pm
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Your Birthdate: September 27

Your birth on the 27th day of the month (9 energy) adds a tone of selflessness and humanitarianism to your life path.

Certainly, you are one who can work very well with people, but at the same time you need a good bit of time to be by yourself to rest and meditate.

There is a very humanistic and philanthropic approach in most of things that you do.

This birthday helps you be broadminded, tolerant, generous and very cooperative.

You are the type of person who uses persuasion rather than force to achieve your ends.

You tend to be very sensitive to others' needs and feelings, and you able to give much in the way of friendship without expecting a lot in return.


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