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Voting accomplished!
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It's a shame that most people in Fremont aren't aware of this and Fremont itself has done little to nothing to change this:

The Wesley Gordon Fossil Hall, in Fremont.

This exhibit includes areas on the Irvington Fossils, Modern Bones, Environments Through Time, and Boy Paleontologist Room. It is named in honor of Wesley D. Gordon, who is the main contributor of materials in this hall.

Irvington Fossils. This fossil collection was excavated in the 1940's-60's in a quarry located in the Irvington area of Fremont by a group of young boys. The collection of fossils included mammoths, sabertooth cats, giant cave bears, dire wolves, camels, western horses, sloths, and pronghorn antelopes.

Bones. Take a look at the modern vertebrates including fish, birds, mammals, fish, and amphibians. Look at modern skulls so you can compare with fossil group.

Environments Through Time. Look at displays that show what organisms lived in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic periods.

Boy Paleontologist Room. The young boys who uncovered the largest collection of ice age fossils in the San Francisco Bay area spent over 365 days working in rough terrain, found an unmatched collection of Pleistocene fossils. Look at hats, hammers, and other pieces of equipment that the boys actually used.

The Irvingtonian North American Stage on the geologic timescale is named for Irvington (now a district in Fremont) because of the magnitude of the Boy Paleontologists' find.
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Goth dancers swing to their own tunes
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[ profile] pholph said:
Town Cats: Urgent Plea for Bay Area Fosters
Town Cats, a nonprofit feline rescue my wife and I volunteer with, is in the process of aiding in the evacuation of a hoarder home in the area, 100 cats confined to one household. All we know so far is that the cats are friendly. We'll know more in a few days.

Town Cats itself can hold an additional 20 of these guys, and they've sent out an urgent plea for foster homes for the other 80. These cats will potentially be destroyed at local shelters if we don't take them. My wife and I (as well as many other foster families) will be fostering what we can. We're hoping that none of them end up going to shelters, which is why we're putting a call out here. (Forgive me if I'm breaking rules. I checked, and I did not see any.)

If you are in the San Jose area, and are willing to foster or adopt, or know someone who is in the area and is willing, please let me know. If you cannot foster, and do want to help, there are many other ways that we could use assistance (and not just financially!) And please feel free to spread the word. Contact me through my profile contact methods if you need info. I cannot give -all- the details on this situation, but I will answer (or forward to those who can) anything I get.

(Our own siamese cat, Red Dog, was rescued from a hording situation--he's probably the best cat I've ever had. All of our cats have come from either our fostering work, or shelters. That's a big reason as to why we feel so strongly about helping out with this.)
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Audit Finds Sex Offenders in Child Care Centers
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Rest in Peace Laurel Burch

Laurel Burch Art
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Had class today and then went to visit Dragon after class let out early. Asked her to describe exactly what I needed to do in order to create an LJ icon myself using Adobe Photoshop since she had done it for me before and I had watched. I remembered some of the steps, but not enough to do it myself. Missing a step or two will really do you in. =P (Hey Dragon! Check out the icon! WooHoo!)
James picked me up and took me back to his folks' house so he could finish his load of laundry and we ended up staying there for part of the evening and had dinner with his twin, Bob. I helped James make Chicken Piccata and got to visit with their senior kitty, Priscilla some and their youngest kitty, Babs. After cleaning up from dinner we stopped by the Century Convenience store and James had me drive home from there.
Fed Jean some more upon getting home, she seems to be realizing that it doesn't hurt as much to eat anymore and has been quite eager to get at the baby food. We're going to have to keep my parents bedroom door closed though since twice now in order to give her medicine James has had to move my parents side table next to their bed so he can climb back there to grab her and drag her out from behind their bed.
We recorded the Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" so my Dad would get to see it after getting off work. I love those guys, they are forever putting interesting things together and then figuring out how to destroy it-usually using explosives.
James had me drive him to the 7-11, he picked up Twinkies of all things! I think he was just looking for a reason to have me behind the wheel more. Fine with me, I really feel I'm getting better and better. I picked up a bag of cashews. Yum!
I'm mostly doing this entry so I can show off my new icon. I love John William Waterhouse.


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