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The cat in Philadelphia, PA has found a home.

Kitty SOS

Oct. 9th, 2010 11:33 am
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Boosting the signal from [info]jadecat9, who wants to help a friend AND a cat:

"If folks can pass the word?

I [LJ user Jadecat9] have a friend in Philly, PA, who is DEATHLY allergic to cats, but a stray has managed to adopt him.

She's currently living on his porch, and is very friendly. Unfortunately, even her being on the porch is causing enough dander that he's suffering very badly.

He's tried all of the adoption agencies, rescue groups, etc. No one can take her post-kitten season. He's got a friend who would take the cat, but that friend is 500 miles away with no car; and he *cannot* survive the drive with a cat.

She's all black except for a white patch around her rump, and GIANT green eyes. (I'll post a photo once I get it). She's super friendly, and very calm. She loves being put on laps.

So, if you know someone in-and-around the Philly area that is looking for an adult cat, please let me know! He doesn't want to take her to the pound, but he also can't keep her if he wants to keep breathing."
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See If Your Toys Are Affected
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Dying woman's kitty needs home immediately in Maryland.
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To help Alex's wife, Johanna (aka [ profile] britgeekgrrl) defray costs of his care and memorial services, check out the below community and see if there's anything you'd like to purchase. More details are on the community description.
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Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple. Please tell ten (or more) friends to tell ten today!
The Animal Rescue Website is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. Just go to their site and click on 'feed an animal in need' for free. It's in a purple box in the middle of the page. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. Please just click on this site.
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Below is a wonderful poem Audrey Hepburn wrote when asked to share her "beauty tips." It was read at her funeral years later.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone. People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.


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