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The cat in Philadelphia, PA has found a home.

Kitty SOS

Oct. 9th, 2010 11:33 am
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Boosting the signal from [info]jadecat9, who wants to help a friend AND a cat:

"If folks can pass the word?

I [LJ user Jadecat9] have a friend in Philly, PA, who is DEATHLY allergic to cats, but a stray has managed to adopt him.

She's currently living on his porch, and is very friendly. Unfortunately, even her being on the porch is causing enough dander that he's suffering very badly.

He's tried all of the adoption agencies, rescue groups, etc. No one can take her post-kitten season. He's got a friend who would take the cat, but that friend is 500 miles away with no car; and he *cannot* survive the drive with a cat.

She's all black except for a white patch around her rump, and GIANT green eyes. (I'll post a photo once I get it). She's super friendly, and very calm. She loves being put on laps.

So, if you know someone in-and-around the Philly area that is looking for an adult cat, please let me know! He doesn't want to take her to the pound, but he also can't keep her if he wants to keep breathing."
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Dying woman's kitty needs home immediately in Maryland.
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Crossing the American continent.
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The vet's office called today with her lab results, she's fine! She had some low-grade traces of a bladder infection, but that would have to be expected when not eating or drinking. The antibiotics we're giving her to heal up her gums should take care of that and everything else was apparently fine or within acceptable parameters. I'm so relieved.
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Woke up to find Jean curled up on the floor at the foot of my bed. I'm worried that I may need to stop letting her sleep in my room at night. I was picking up stuff in my room and I discovered that she must have had an accident while being locked up in my room and unable to wake me to let her out. My blue bodice now really needs to be washed, but the hardwood floor seems to have cleaned up okay. I feel bad for her, she's a good girl, I'm sure she didn't want to do that, but I really don't want cats urinating in my room! Usually when she has slept in my room she is there when James isn't over and she sleeps on the opposite side of the bed next to me. Then if she hops off during the night I usually feel it and wake up to let her out. Poor little kitty. I'm not mad at her, she hasn't been feeling well and she had no way out of my room. I'm thinking about setting up her cat bed outside my room at night so she can sleep nearby, see how she takes to that. If James isn't staying over I think I will still give letting her stay in my room a try since I am able to wake up if she's on the bed and gets up.
Dragon called in the afternoon to see what our vacation plans were for the day. We agreed to meet at five outside of Pearl's Cafe. I drove James over to get a haircut and return "The Punisher." While there we picked up "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Shaolin Soccer." Both very good movies for very different reasons. Eternal Sunshine was very interesting... I would recommend it if you enjoy a story that isn't straightforward and surprises you. "Shaolin Soccer" is just fun.
After James' haircut I drove us over to the Hub so I could inquire at Site For Sore Eyes about this offer they have where you can get a free eye exam and the second pair of glasses free. I've been needing glasses for a while and thought I would look into them since I think it would be a while till my optometrist would be able to see me. I've been a little anxious about driving at night recently if there are a lot of cars around since I get a lot glare effect in the right eye. Sigh, I hate that my right eye is getting worse. It was weird, but I felt like I was betraying Dr. Tsujimoto by going to Site for Sore Eyes. I've seen him since I was a little girl, but I've been bad and haven't seen him in several years. We had to call Dragon from Site for Sore Eyes to let her know we would be about fifteen minutes late for arriving at Pearl's for dinner.
Dinner was wonderful and dessert just about put me in a coma it made my brain so happy. Mmmm...I think I could actually feel the endorphins rushing through me. My brain was singing! Our server is such a nice guy, we used to see him at Market Broiler and I ring him and his lady-friend up at B&N sometimes. James didn't care for his entree, it was duck confit with cherries and blue cheese. He thought the blue cheese was overwhelming and our server apologized, took it back, offered James something else. He accidentally brought out the wrong dessert to Dragon, but let her keep that and corrected her order. He kept apologizing for it, geez two desserts. Yeah, you had better apologize! ^_^ He also brought me a glass of Chocolate Port to drink with my brownie. Brownie does not even begin to do this dessert justice! Droooooool.
Dragon stopped by after sword class and showed me how to alter a photo so I could have this icon of Jean. =)
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Had class today and then went to visit Dragon after class let out early. Asked her to describe exactly what I needed to do in order to create an LJ icon myself using Adobe Photoshop since she had done it for me before and I had watched. I remembered some of the steps, but not enough to do it myself. Missing a step or two will really do you in. =P (Hey Dragon! Check out the icon! WooHoo!)
James picked me up and took me back to his folks' house so he could finish his load of laundry and we ended up staying there for part of the evening and had dinner with his twin, Bob. I helped James make Chicken Piccata and got to visit with their senior kitty, Priscilla some and their youngest kitty, Babs. After cleaning up from dinner we stopped by the Century Convenience store and James had me drive home from there.
Fed Jean some more upon getting home, she seems to be realizing that it doesn't hurt as much to eat anymore and has been quite eager to get at the baby food. We're going to have to keep my parents bedroom door closed though since twice now in order to give her medicine James has had to move my parents side table next to their bed so he can climb back there to grab her and drag her out from behind their bed.
We recorded the Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" so my Dad would get to see it after getting off work. I love those guys, they are forever putting interesting things together and then figuring out how to destroy it-usually using explosives.
James had me drive him to the 7-11, he picked up Twinkies of all things! I think he was just looking for a reason to have me behind the wheel more. Fine with me, I really feel I'm getting better and better. I picked up a bag of cashews. Yum!
I'm mostly doing this entry so I can show off my new icon. I love John William Waterhouse.
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James and I went to the Hacienda Crossing shopping center to have lunch at Macaroni Grill and see "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." Lunch was very good, I did feel a little cheated that we didn't get any crayons for our table. Fortunately I had pens to doodle with. The Italian language lesson recordings in the bathroom are certainly entertaining. I heard one, "I have seen the future and it is the same as today, but longer." Huh?! We had an hour and a half till the next showing of "Sky Capt." so we wandered through a Party Supply store and looked at their Halloween stuff. I'm still waiting to be inspired by something and figure out what I want to be for Halloween. We were all alone in the theatre for a while till another couple came in and sat in the back. We were really hoping we were going to have the theatre to ourselves like when we went to see, "Castaway." A little ways into the movie another couple came in and sat down in our row, but they disappeared after a bit so it was just us and that other couple. What a fantastic movie! It was so much fun! The opening looked like a Batman cartoon opener, it was wonderful. I drove us through Sunol Blvd. till we got to the canyon and James drove us through that, I really do seem to be improving and am feeling much more confident about it. We drove back into Fremont and went to the Spirit Halloween store at the Hub and looked around. I bought a couple of wigs, but still no ideas. I just enjoy looking through costume stores. We did a little shopping at Trader Joe's and I drove us home to watch "Twisted." It was pretty twisted. I'm not entirely sure what I thought of it. We had to drag Jean out from behind my parents bed in order to give her her evening medicine, but after that she was interested in eating and I was able to give her a spoonful of baby food. I drove us to Hollywood Video and James ran in to drop the movies off and rent a copy of "The Punisher." It was pretty good. Jean let me feed her some more after getting back from picking up the movie. I was trying to break up feeding her a bit to let the stuff we were giving her settle, she hasn't eaten much in the last couple of days and I don't want to rush her and upset her stomach. James gave me another festival of Petrakah gift this evening, "Matrix-Revolutions." Cool.


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